1. Thumbtack vs TaskRabbit

Thumbtack vs. TaskRabbit: A Comparison of Service Platforms

Jul 4th, 2023


Thumbtack and TaskRabbit are service platforms connecting clients with providers, but they differ in their focus and functionality. TaskRabbit specializes in task-based services, where clients hire Taskers directly from the platform based on hourly rates and reviews. Thumbtack offers a broader range of professional services, with clients submitting service requests and professionals sending quotes based on the client's requirements, reviews, and profiles.

Thumbtack vs. TaskRabbit

Thumbtack and TaskRabbit are both platforms that connect service providers with clients, but they function in slightly different ways and tend to focus on somewhat different types of services.

TaskRabbit is a task-based service platform where individuals, called "Taskers," offer their services in various categories such as cleaning, handyman work, delivery, moving help, and more. As a client, you can browse available Taskers in your area, check their hourly rates, read reviews, and hire someone directly from the platform. Once the task is complete, you pay through the app.

Thumbtack, on the other hand, is a broader platform that connects clients with professionals in a wider range of fields, including home services, lessons and tutoring, event services, wellness, and more. As a client on Thumbtack, you fill out a form about the service you need, and then the platform sends your request to professionals who provide that service in your area. Those professionals can then send you a quote, and you can choose whom to hire based on their quotes, reviews, and profile.

So, while both platforms connect service providers with clients, TaskRabbit tends to focus more on personal tasks and home services, with clients choosing from available Taskers, while Thumbtack includes a wider range of professional services and involves professionals sending quotes in response to client requests.

Thumbtack Features


Thumbtack provides a user dashboard where professionals can manage their profiles, track leads, send quotes, schedule appointments, and manage payments. Clients can also manage their requests and communicate with professionals from their dashboards.


Thumbtack has several security measures in place. This includes secure payment processing and a system for verifying the identities of professionals. Professionals' contact information is only shared with a client once the professional decides to send a quote to that client.

Client Screening:

Thumbtack allows professionals to ask questions to clients when sending a quote. This can help ensure that the client's request is a good fit for the professional's services.

Lead Management:

Thumbtack allows professionals to view and manage leads from potential clients. Professionals can send quotes to these leads and can manage their interactions with leads through the platform.


Thumbtack has a built-in messaging system that allows professionals and clients to communicate directly within the platform. This can be used to discuss the details of a job, arrange scheduling, and more.


Both clients and professionals can leave reviews on Thumbtack. This allows professionals to build a reputation on the platform and gives clients some guidance when choosing a professional.


Thumbtack itself doesn't offer built-in eSignature capabilities. However, clients and professionals are free to use their own methods for contracts or agreements as needed.

TaskRabbit Features


TaskRabbit provides a dashboard where Taskers (service providers) can manage their tasks, see their schedules, and interact with clients. Clients also have a dashboard where they can manage their tasks, track progress, and communicate with Taskers.


TaskRabbit takes security seriously. All users must go through a verification process when they sign up. For Taskers, this also includes a background check. The platform also uses secure methods for payment processing.

Referral Program:

TaskRabbit has been known to offer referral programs, where users can earn credit or other incentives for referring new users to the platform. The specifics of these programs can vary.


While TaskRabbit doesn't traditionally use "templates" in the way some software services do, they do provide clear structures for different types of tasks, so both Taskers and clients know what to expect.

Same-day Delivery Service:

As part of its broad range of services, TaskRabbit does offer same-day delivery options in many locations. This is particularly useful for tasks like shopping and delivery.


As of 2021, TaskRabbit may not provide many integrations with other software in the traditional sense. However, they do offer an API that developers can use to integrate TaskRabbit's functionality into other services.


TaskRabbit tasks typically don't require formal contracts with eSignatures. However, by agreeing to perform or request a task through the platform, users are in essence agreeing to TaskRabbit's terms of service.

How They Work for Contractors

Both Thumbtack and TaskRabbit provide platforms where contractors can offer their services to potential clients. They each have a slightly different process for how this works:

Thumbtack for Contractors

  1. Create a Profile:

    Contractors start by creating a profile on Thumbtack, which includes information about their skills, experience, and the specific services they offer.

  2. Respond to Requests:

    Clients post jobs they need to be done, and Thumbtack matches these requests with contractors offering the relevant service. Contractors then send custom quotes to these potential clients, along with a personalized message and an estimate.

  3. Get Hired:

    If a client likes a contractor's quote and profile, they can choose to hire them. Contractors can then communicate with the client through Thumbtack to finalize details.

  4. Perform the Service and Get Paid:

    After completing the job, contractors request payment through Thumbtack, which processes the payment securely.

  5. Collect Reviews:

    After the job is complete, clients can leave reviews on the contractor's profile, helping the contractor build a reputation on the platform and attract more clients.

TaskRabbit for Contractors (Taskers)

  1. Registration:

    Contractors, called "Taskers," start by registering on TaskRabbit. This process includes a background check.

  2. Set Rates and Availability:

    Taskers list the services they offer and set their hourly rates. They also set their work schedule and define the areas where they're willing to work.

  3. Get Hired:

    Clients browse Taskers based on the type of job they need to be done and choose a Tasker based on their rates, skills, reviews, and availability.

  4. Perform the Task and Get Paid:

    Taskers perform the work and then submit an invoice through the TaskRabbit app. TaskRabbit processes the payment and directly deposits the funds into the Tasker's account, usually within a few business days.

  5. Receive Reviews:

    After the task is completed, clients rate and review the Tasker. Good reviews can help Taskers attract more clients in the future.

In both cases, contractors have the flexibility to choose when and where they work, and what type of jobs they take on. However, they are also responsible for their own expenses and must pay self-employment taxes, since they are considered independent contractors, not employees of Thumbtack or TaskRabbit.

Best for Lead Generation

Choosing the "best" lead generation platform between Thumbtack and TaskRabbit largely depends on the type of services a professional offers, their business model, and their personal preferences. Each platform has its unique features, pros, and cons.

Thumbtack's Lead Generation

Thumbtack works well for professionals offering a wide range of services, from home improvement to personal training, and from event planning to business consulting. On Thumbtack, professionals receive leads in the form of customer requests for specific services. They can review these requests and choose which ones to respond to with a quote. This can be beneficial for professionals who have a clear idea of their target clientele and prefer to select their projects.


  • Wide variety of services and categories.
  • Professionals can choose which leads to respond to.
  • Potentially more suitable for larger projects or higher-priced services.


  • The pay-per-quote model can become costly if many quotes don't convert to jobs.
  • Some professionals report high competition for leads.

TaskRabbit's Lead Generation

TaskRabbit is a good fit for professionals offering services that can be billed hourly, such as handyman services, cleaning, delivery, personal assistance, and more. TaskRabbit's model is more about immediate hiring, where clients browse available Taskers and hire them directly. This makes TaskRabbit a good platform for professionals who are open to a wide range of tasks and prefer to keep their schedules full.


  • An immediate hiring model can result in a steady stream of work.
  • Good for professionals offering services suitable for an hourly rate.
  • Taskers set their rates.


  • Less flexibility to choose clients.
  • Limited to certain types of services.

Review Systems

Thumbtack's Review System

On Thumbtack, after a service is completed, the client can leave a review for the professional who provided the service. Reviews consist of a 1-5 star rating and a written portion where the client can detail their experience. Only clients who have hired a professional through Thumbtack can leave a review for that professional. This can help ensure that reviews are based on actual experiences.


  • Ratings are based on actual client experiences.
  • Detailed written reviews can provide useful insights.


  • Professionals cannot review clients, which can limit information for other professionals.

TaskRabbit's Review System

TaskRabbit also has a 1-5 star rating system. After a task is completed, both the Tasker and the client are prompted to leave a review. These reviews are public, and future clients and Taskers can use them to inform their decisions. Taskers also have the opportunity to respond to reviews left by clients.


  • Both parties can leave reviews, providing a two-sided perspective.
  • Taskers can respond to reviews, allowing them to clarify situations or address concerns.


  • Because both parties know they'll be reviewed, this may lead to inflated ratings (sometimes called a "mutual admiration society" effect).

In general, the "better" review system might depend on your personal preferences or specific needs. For instance, if you value two-sided feedback, you might prefer TaskRabbit's system, whereas if you value reviews strictly based on hiring experiences, you might prefer Thumbtack's system. It's always a good idea to take online reviews with a grain of salt and consider them as just one factor in your decision-making process.


In conclusion, Thumbtack and TaskRabbit are two popular service platforms that connect clients with service providers, although they have distinct differences in their focus and functionality. Ultimately, the choice between Thumbtack and TaskRabbit depends on the specific needs of the professional and the type of services they offer. It is advisable to consider factors such as the range of services, lead generation preferences, and review systems when deciding which platform best aligns with individual requirements.

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